About Us

About Us
Here at Novelty Children we understand the importance of quality clothing for children. I have spent countless hours finding quality products from quality suppliers that will not cost more than necessary.
I am lucky to be a father to two very beautiful and fun children. My oldest, Zachary is 8 years old and has taught me that kids can put some clothes through quite a few test as we grew up together through his daily adventures. My daughter Riley is about to be 2 years old and has made me experience a love that I could never have thought to imagine. With both of these experiences I have decided to grow with them and build.
Trust and believe me when I say know the importance of quality products for children. 
  • Durability to withstand any mission(s) your little one's imagination can produce.
  • Quality that will last.
  • As well as comfort that will be kept in any environment.
These are the reasons why I spent so much time finding quality children products. If there are any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.